Peugeot Compass Drifter 410

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Martin67, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Hi, we have just bought our first Motorhome which we are really pleased with but we don’t have any of the original handbooks for the cooker, fridge, gas fire, etc, can anyone let us know where we can get a copy of these?

    The vehicle is a 1996 Compass Drifter 410.

    Many thanks.
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    Hello Martin,

    You will probably find that model names/numbers will be somewhere on the appliance or, if not, at least the makers' names.

    If you could post those details it will help people to have a look to see if they are covered by any of the manuals they have.

    Having the model details may also enable accessing downloadable PDFs from manufacturer web sites.

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    Compass drifter 410

    Hi martin67,
    i used to have a compass drifter 410 and when i got it ,had your problem, however i had a rare brainwave and figured how to get
    the info i needed.
    I looked up motorhome dealers and found a dealer(it was brownhills of newark)who were selling one and asked if i could photocopy the
    documents i needed, i think they charged me a fiver at the time, however
    i got the lowdown on the heater, the hot water system and a few other systems.
    Ps i have the compass cruiser 740, with the end lounge, and would bet anything ,your have the same?
    Enjoy your motorhome and happy trails!!
  4. Martin67

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    Thanks Graham, I'll have a look tomorrow and get the details - I'll also follow through on the manufacturer web sites.
  5. Martin67

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    Thanks Paul, guess I'll be visiting a few deales over the coming weeks!

    Yes, the layout is the same, very spacious and roomy.

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