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    We have a snooper s6000 lite, that's without the TV and I must recommend them, I couldn't do an update on the sat nav as I can only use a sim card either as wi fi or a dongle it stated that a landline was needed on the FAQ so I contacted them and they said they would do it if I sent them the unit.
    I sent them the unit and in a letter told them of the problem, I also phoned them the next day and told them the problem they said it needed a map update (£84)and also the camera updates (£30)which I told them to do as needed.
    I received it the next day in the post no charge update done and POI's put in as required.
    Super company do deal with very good after sales and this unit was out of warranty as well!!
    Must have been a general update and not a map update but good on the company being honest and for not doing jobs that doesn't need doing, I was quite prepared to pay for an update that I thought needed doing.
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