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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by slobadoberbob, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I decided I wanted to add a couple of repeat indicators towards the rear of my RV.. had the usual lady drive come up my off side (4 lanes on to a very big roundabout) I was in the second to the outside knowing I was going round to take the third exit off said roundabout. Despite the rear lamp going and the one of the wing mirror arm (Ok I accept she could not see the front one) I nearly had her. I saw her in the mirror and sounded the horn.. yes I got her horn and the finger... I was big and trying to go round the roundabout in the best line I could but she had to try and get past me... she had to follow me round in the end... that or have a dented car.

    Anyway I digress as I often do. So I dug out my 2010 copy of Camping Connection parts book.. all 800 pages of parts and accessories for an American motor home. Looked up the Bargman orange marker lamps that matched those on my Winnibago and then hit the key pad on the phone.

    I tried Duncan at Star Spangled Spanner... his line was busy .. so I then called Daren at Motor Home Medics and yes they had 3 on the shelf.. as I have a small outstanding order due in from the USA on the pallet due next week I have just added these Bargman lights to my order.. one lot of postage that way. Still need to call Duncan as I need another (extra Valvec convexed mirror for the top of my other door mirror)...

    But how easy was that? Yank parts are not hard to get over here these days compared to 20 years back. Do I buy parts from the UK Winnibago importer.. not if I can help it... I get them from many different places including Winnibago spares in the USA... Postage is normally 8 to 10 days, unless it is really urgent and then I use my UPS account and I can have it here with 24 to 48 hours. But most of the parts or accessories I need are sourced in the UK often using the Camping Connection big book.. well worth buying or if you buy enough you get it free each year.

    So thank you Darren.. even although you do not read our posts.. first class service as always.


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