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Apr 27, 2008
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Exchanged our Detleffs on Saturday for a Rapido 999M which we bought at the Malvern show. We hadn't intended to buy anything but we were really impressed with the space and layout of this that we did the deed just before closing on the Sunday.
Had a dreadfully slow journey up to Brownhills at Newark, the 180miles taking six hours on the Friday with our handover arranged for 11:30 Saturday, though it actually took place at 9:45 as some others hadn't shown up. During the handover we noticed that the drivers seat knob and the pedal rubbers, that we had pointed out at the show were still missing, and subsequently that the mains was totally non-functional.
The reverse camera monitor was also missing, beleived dead but this was replaced incuding new camera by their workshops. The standard of valeting was very poor, in fact it appeared not to have been done at all :Blush: there was enough grease over the cooker to cook chips.
Eventually all was put right, special thanks to Steve Watts in the workshop and so after a night in the van we had a splendid journey back on the Sunday with no holdups.
Really impressed with this van which has a really good fixed double bed that you don't need a ladder to get into and a full width washroom across the back with a shower that you can actually use without flooding the floor! It is just 1.4m longer than our previous van but feels much bigger, both to live in and also to drive, however the driving is excellent, 3L Mercedes CDI engine, Air suspension, Cruise control etc. I found myself deliberately driving slowly so as not to arrive too soon::bigsmile:
Only problem is that work commitments make it unlikely that we shall get away much for a while. Shirley is having an op on her shoulder that should mean she will return to work in the near future. The first event will be my brother and neice will be using it as overnight accomadation so they will have had more nights in it than we will:Sad:
This actual van was photographed by MMM for a forthcoming article at some indeterminate date in the future, so if you see a Rapido 999M it is probably ours.

Some pics attached


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Sep 23, 2007
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If you are struggling to use it no doubt there will be plenty of offers on here to help you out. Seriously thats a very nice motorhome.



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That is one sharp looking rig!


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