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Discussion in 'England' started by Peelde, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Hi, we are due to swan off to the borders and Northumberland in August. Are there any decent campsites that can be recommended or is wild camping going to be a better alternative? As we will be visiting waterfalls and walking, I think the latter would be better. What do you guys think?
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    Hi Peelde,
    I live in the Scottish Borders and there are loads of places for wildcamping.
    You just need to get off the main roads a little. Lots of Forest walks, lots of Forestry Commission car parks really quiet at night. I you have an idea of where you want to visit on the Scottish side of the border, let me know and i can be more precise with wildcamp locations.
    Best regards JayBee.
  3. Peelde

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    Thanks Jaybee, will look at maps and let you know.
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    Acklam, Teesside, originally Glossop
    It's as well to remember that, officially, the Forestry Commission does not allow wild camping in any forests under its control (this includes tents as well as motorhomes). It may well be that people are not often challenged but it can happen so one would have to be prepared to move on if requested to do so.

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    LOL, the forestry commission pretty much keeps away from wild campers from what my friends tell me. They had some of the autocrats challenge them but they told them to buzz off as no-one owns the land and it's not there's to challenge.
    If they had it their way we'd all be tucked up in overpriced digs and never able to experience camping on our terms :)

    The Cheviots especially are wild camping mecca for us, plenty of land and miles of wilderness.

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