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Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by steveclecy, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. steveclecy


    Jun 10, 2009
    An update on using my Nexus 7 as a Sat Nav:

    I had paid for CoPilot Live Premium Western Europe app and downloaded all the maps to the device. Still learning my way around the app, but had tethered it to my smartphone (in the UK only due to data roaming charges), this proved very helpful in avoiding hold ups (there was one on the M6 in Warwickshire) giving me a good diversion route.

    All the ACSI sites (at least ones for the card) were on the device and were easy to use.

    Slight hiccup when we emerged from the Tunnel as time had to be reset manually.

    It performed well, very well indeed, I connected it to the radio and the speech was clear and timely (if a little odd at times - "folkerstone"). Using the device as a music player at the same time was really good, music muting when voice directions were given.

    It did not send us anywhere we didn't want to go.

    However the big problem was power. I had to set the app to power saving which dulled the screen between turns and reduced the screen refresh rate but still the consumption exceeded the power going in with the Griffin 12 volt USB plug. On longer journeys that would be a problem.

    There are now 12 volt USB plugs on eBay like this one which claim to suit the Nexus and other Android tablets better. Not tested by me.

    All in all a good alternative to the mainstream dedicated satnavs, with a good size display. Just power consumption is the problem.

  2. sallylillian

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    Oct 29, 2011
    Falmouth, Cornwall
    Steve, just stumbled on this post. I have a Snooper 7000 in my RV which I have had some issues with and as a result have been testing Co Pilot truck, (I needed the height and weight guidance) on a 10 inch tab, which whoever is passenger uses as a guide and to compare to Snooper. I am comfortable with Co Pilot, but have a problem with the GPS losing lock or accuaracy from time to time. Snooper has an antenna extension and is in a better place for line of sight so does not have issues with the GPS.
    How did you mount your 7 inch unit and did you have any issues with satallite lock?
  3. dave newell lvs

    dave newell lvs Trader-Vehicle Services

    Oct 31, 2008
    Telford, Shropshire
    I have been using Co Pilot live on my Asus transformer tablet for about three and a bit years now and it is really good, just last week got the latest update free and used it over the weekend on a trip to Linoln Christmas Market. As I can find Lincoln almost with my eyes closed (does make driving tricky though:ROFLMAO:) we only switched it on at Newark to take us the last few miles to our weekend stopover and it was once again faultless. I also have it on my phone and have used it a fair bit from that. We use it on the tablet when we're both travelling together and Jackie holds the tablet relaying instructions to me as required. My Asus tablet has the keyboard dock attached which doubles battery life so we've never had an issue with that.


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