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    Jun 18, 2011
    :winky::winky:Well folks it was our first rally with our 1st motorhome we are commonly known as newbies.When we arrived on site and found the funsters we were made very welcome and if there was anything we wanted to no just ask especially about how things worked in our motorhome We were asked did we have water and before we new it someone had come with a watering can full of water to fill up and then a hosepipe appeared ( we must thanks these folks at least we had water in our tank).
    We were told there would we a get together in the tent tonight (friday), then Saturday bring a cup of tea and join us for cakes in the afternoon also there will be a sing song in the evening which was a good night where everyone joined in and we mustn't forget the bacon butties on Sunday morning. We would like to thank the funster who made our first rally enjoyable. So if anyone is thinking about joining the Motorhome Fun (funsters) don't be shy as you will be made very welcome. We would like to give a big thank you to the rally marshall for all their hard work :thumb:
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