Newbie - which motor home for us?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by vsemeria, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. vsemeria


    Aug 29, 2011

    I'm starting my research journey and this is the first forum I've joined. As I'm sure I'm not the first to ask the following so can someone recommend me a link where its been discussed before or if you are feeling very helpful a tailored response!

    I'm looking to buy a motorhome:

    12k budget
    Sleeps 4 (2 adults 2 kids)
    We live in Southern Spain (so heat is a factor, and rust/cold not so much)
    Plan to make regular short trips (so luxury isn't a major concern, more practicality) and only a couple of longer ones per year
    Prefer economy over size (at least I don't think?)
    Don't want to do any DIY to it
    Would like to avoid campsites (therefore consider power supply etc)
    I don't mind buying in Germany if the savings are that great

    Not sure I've covered all the bases, but I need to start somewhere!

    Thanks a million for all your help

  2. dylan


    Aug 31, 2007
    sw wales
    Welcome to the fun Tony, someone will help you with your quest I'm sure. :Smile:
  3. darklord


    Apr 28, 2011
    W are slightly further down the road to MH ownership than you, so are qualified to give advice.
    We were looking for a while, and had a list of wants, and types , styles etc, we then came across a complete sack of shit, which we decided would be a good investment. we manages to convince each other, that it was a project....funny word that, sort of opens the gate for loads of work, emptying of bank accounts and bad language rows etc.
    We parted with a few grand for our SOS, and proceeded to spend another £1500 getting the rotting mildew stinking upholstery remade. I then started spending money on the gearbox...I sort of got pissed off with ending up with knuckles like a prizefighter after every drive, and coming to a complete stop on hills or dropping the occasional gear on roundabouts which caused old ladies to give me the finger:Eeek:
    I replaced the water pump, changed the sink and cooker, bought some blinds/flyscreens for it, had a bag specially made for the roofrack to carry chairs etc. I changed the fresh water inlet, fitted a new air filter, and generally lavished time and money on it.........but have now run out of both, and it still looks like a sack of shit and drives like a rowing boat.
    I have used it for six weekends, and a two week holiday touring my above description IS possibly a little biased AGAINST it. This weekend we have spent in Susses, visting battle, Hasting and other of them being Johns Cross......again.
    I would like to say that the experience filled me with new enthusiasm for my purchase...but to be honest, I really did,nt want to drive it hoem! I walked to the car park, hoping that some half blind Itinerant had nicked it.......not such luck.
    So, with the pictures in my mind of the luvvverley models at Johns Cross, I dragged the SOS all the way back to Essex.
    We have now, decided to stick it on ebay...cut our losses, and buy the best one we can afford from a reputable dealer.......and after a long winded rant, that is my advice,.....dont cut corners, dont think because you know about cars, you know about MH's,.......find a dealer, build some trust, and buy the best you can........or you will probably pour several grand down the drain....just like me:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. Hollyberry

    Hollyberry Funster

    Apr 24, 2011
    Paignton, Devon.
    I'm also looking for a motorhome (actually 2nd I will have owned but it's a long story.. so counting this as first I've bought alone)
    So far best things I've learnt are:
    Buy/kindle download The Motorhome Buyer's Guide. It's proved very useful & gave me lots to think about.
    Visit/walk around/ sit in as many m/homes as you can as there seem to be endless varieties of lay-out!
    With children, will they share over the cab or would bunks be better? I'll mostly be travelling along--with animals--so have decided that fixed bed or bunks are wasted for me but might be best for you.

    It's the end of the season so there should be some more choice for sale in next month or 2 (I'm hoping!!)

    Do be very careful if you go for a private sale as there are some online scams, which i'm sure you're aware of.

    Good luck.

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