New? source of Gas in Spain

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    Probably not of use to the 'Hardcore' Motorhomer who winters in Spain and who has obtained 10kgs Cepsa and Repsol bottles, but,

    You can now hire/buy a lightweight butane plastic bottle from Repsol and Camsa garages (all over Spain) without having to go through the hoop to get one.
    It is sold/hired on the same basis as the French system, ie pay a deposit, get a receipt and, at the end of the hols you can return it and get your money back.
    Current cost is approx 29Euros for the initial hire of a full cylinder and about 20 euros on its return.
    Current refill is 8.80Euros. for a 6kgs bottle
    Hope this is of help.
    PS You will need a Spanish adaptor/regulator, available everywhere and that has the same left hand threaded nut as fits the 'dumpy' calor butane bottle.

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