New Gaslow Bottles & Guages

Aug 25, 2007
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Just saw this on another forum (no not that one) thought it may be of interest to members.

The latest Gaslow brochure shows that a new
types of cylinder have been introduced. The new cylinders are 10%
lighter and have a new built in contents gauge. The gauge monitors the
last 50% of liquid level in the cylinder so the user should have a more
accurate indication of how much is left in the cylinder.
I understand that the gauges are fitted to both the number 1 and 2 type
cylinders and the price is slightly higher than the older version. I'm
not sure of the prices but when compared to the old cylinder and gauge
it should be about the same total cost.
I have checked on the Gaslow web site and it doesn't appear to have
been updated yet.
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