Need leisure batteries with a lip around the base

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    May 22, 2013
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    Helpppp! Hubby asked me to find two 110 amp leisure batteries on the internet. He is working away and I have the job of finding, either in a store or through the internet. I'm not technically minded but knew our present ones are live at the left hand side and a lip around the bottom to bolt the two together, side by side. I took couple of pics of existing batteries in the side locker. No problem I thought! Trouble is I can't find any. They seem to be made with a flush casing. Could someone please help me and advise whether these are made anymore. I have tried most stores and sites but they seem to only have the red on the right hand side. I don't understand batteries at all and just wondered if there is a different way of keeping two flush batteries bolted to the floor of the battery locker. I spent 3 hours yesterday for two batteries to be delivered , with the lip around the bottom, but the red was on the right and the leads won't reach. :cry:
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    If you haven't already it would be worth looking at the Tayna website or give them a call
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