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Aug 10, 2011
Eye, Suffolk, UK
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Copied over from the Beni group page in case it was missed!

Greetings Beni dwellers.
You may be aware, we are selling our MH and buying a smaller camper, and a caravan to Site on a permanent pitch in Portugal.
The MH side of things is sorted, and I had a caravan lined up back here in Blighty to view and possibly buy next week........However!

I have found one for sale in Beni, which although older than I was looking at, is a VERY good price, looks nice in the pics, and it’s already closer than here and will save me a lot of towing! ( Plus, it’s nearly half the price of the one I was looking at, which means I’ll buy you all a beer!)

But, I’m not there, but I can be later in Feb!

If this ones as good as it looks and sounds, it would save me buying one in the U.K. and towing it down, I’d simply drive to Beni, buy this one, drink a few beers with you for a week or so, then drag it over to Portugal!

So, what I’m asking, is if someone ( or a gang if you!) would be willing to meet up with the owner on my behalf ( English chap, aircon engineer), view the van, pull it apart, and give me an honest appraisal! ( or just an opinion, thumb up or down etc!)

It’s located at Stones Caravan Storage, which is behind the Pepper Mill restaurant up from El Raco.

I reckon this would make an interesting outing for a few of you! ( send me the bar bill for the after visit discussions!)

And before worrying too much, re advising me remotely on a big decision, the final decision will be mine and mine alone, no come back on you......I trust you lot not to give me duff info!
From the extensive chats I’ve had with Paul the owner, I’m ready to send him a deposit, but for peace of mind would like it looked at by my funster pals in Beni!

I have the contact details of the seller.

Post away!
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