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Discussion in 'Motorhome Help for the Beginner' started by brassneck69, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. brassneck69

    brassneck69 Deleted User

    Whilst im still actively on the hunt for our MH, a few things are leaving me wondering.
    I can only compare them to caravanning as thats what i know, however there will be a different slant with a MH.

    1. We take our 2 dogs, Boxer and English Springer. If its too cold or on hard standing they stay in the van, otherwise they stay in the awning (porch) in their own crates, with blankets and stuff nice and snug.
    But if im on hard standing more with a MH, does anyone have any other suggestions? I like the Fiamma Zip so its on my list of extras, but what if your on hard standing?

    We rally (fields) mostly so generally it wont be a problem. But does anyone have a free standing something on hard standing? Or any other novel ideas?

    2. Im a massive gadget freak in relation to the van. Theres nothing i cant charge, plug in, work, or generally fix whilst away. This stems from having a few problems when we first started out, so now im over cautious and take tools everywhere. Plus caravans are made of spit anyway, so is the same thinking applicable to MHs? Or are they less likely to have bits drop off?

    3. Im planning trips to Germany, Italy, and France again. There will be plenty of questions on those subjects but is there anything i can do now at the start of buying a MH that will be helpful abroad?

    4. Anyone found a reliable sat nav that allows for the vehicle? POIs and mapping i can play round with no problem, but vehicle size and selection will be important.
    Also does anyone have a full integrated sat nav/cd player in theirs, and is it any good?

    Thats it for starters i think.:thumb:
  2. JayDee

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    Oct 7, 2007
    N. Devon
    LO Brassneck69,
    We too migrated from caravans a few years ago and had similar questions - but this forum wasn't around then; dead lucky you are :thumb:

    Motorhomes (depending on what you buy) are, it is probably true say, a bit more sturdy that caravans; for example we never had a caravan that you could walk on the roof: there seems to be a general feeling that the likes of Niesmann Bichoff, Hymer, Laika and suchlike are better built than say, Lunar, Eldiss, CI and the like, but then you pay more for them. Most people carry their own favourite tools and gizmos, but do beware of your payload; there are some vans out there that have a derisory pay load and in my experience you can reach 400kg of payload with no effort at all (don't forget that the wife and dogs are part of payload - you and the dogs if she's the driver:Smile:)

    We have a drive away awning which we hardly ever use, but probably would if we had a canine contingent like yours. Effectively its a stand alone awning with a 'tunnel' that attaches to the motorhome by some means (methods differ) but that is easy to detach allowing you to drive away, leaving the awning standing on the pitch ready for your carefully repositioned return. Rock pegs will usually get through the gravel / grit. etc of the hard standing and so dogs can be accommodated. Beware of SunnCamp - there's a thread on here about them; but there are quite a few of decent quality makes available.

    On the subject of satnavs I'm not qualified to advise. The one we have seems to have a passion for 6' 6" wide roads - particularly on the Isle of Wight - and though I live in N. Devon that's a bit narrow for my A Class (7' 6" without mirrors). But there are loads of folk here who will be only too happy to tell you of their experiences and preferences.

    Good luck with whatever you end up buying.

  3. Johns_Cross_Motorhomes

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    Jan 5, 2008
    East Sussex 01-580-881288
    Hi Brassneck,

    Dont know what your looking for or what your budget is but our Andy has been a fellow motorhomer for many yaers and he can offer you some unbiased advice if you give him a call.

    Same with Fiamma Zips or Privacies and stand alone awnings, Darren is our resident ezpert and knows them backwards, forwards and sideways!


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