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Mar 15, 2017
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So, I have Harman Kardon system in my Range Rover and that clearly is a Premium Audio install with 14 speakers.

If you opt for the Morelo Premium Audio system (ours was spec'd by someone else so we have it), that system comprises of 4 x 8' Alpine speakers with centre tweeters fitted two on each side about 4" apart into the two wooden (chipboard) side panels beside the two front seats. Such a daft place to put them; I mean, what audio system designer would ever do that Morelo?

It's as if they just thought where will these four big Alpine speakers fit (or maybe it didn't even go that far) rather than, where is the best place to install a premium audio system.

If you take a look into "ideal speaker placement" on Google, none that I saw suggested that the best place to locate them was "at hip height down the side of the listener's chair"! Sure, some are located at the side of the listener but at head height.

Screenshot 3.png

My driver's side rear speaker (left) rattles terribly even at quite a low volume level and, believe this, it is installed into a 10mm chipboard wooden panel that itself acts as a sound-board and vibrates awfully. It could be that the speakers are out of phase and I'll try to check that when the weather warms up. If you touch it gently whilst playing music, you can feel the panel vibrating. I found that pushing on the panel it improved so I tried using a tiny plastic wedge (used in kitchen installs) at the very top where the aluminium heating vent is attached as the top facia to de-mist the driver's window but it really doesn't do the job completely.

I do understand that this is a hard thing to do in a coach built MH but there must be a better way.

And don't even get me started on the Tuefel TV soundbar! Such a shocker! I'm looking today to see if I rip it out and can squeeze a Sonos Playbar in there.

It would be so easy for Morelo to partner with Sonos to install a wireless audio system that really is state of the art don't you think? If I can do it (and I have) then I'm sure they can too.

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