MMM Readers Vote and Ford Win Again

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Ford Transit has won its first award for 2009. For the second year running, Transit was judged the best base vehicle by Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (MMM) magazine.

    As the Base Vehicle of the Year for 2009, the judges said Transit engines offered plenty of torque and load-pulling capacity, and the twin rear wheel versions were rock-solid on the road. They also said consumer confidence in Ford’s reliability and dealer network for servicing and warranty work remained strong, while optional items like steering wheel mounted cruise control and audio buttons made driving much more pleasant.

    Steve Kimber, commercial vehicles director, Ford of Britain, said: "It is pleasing to hear again that Transit is the backbone of Britain. Seeing MMM consumers rating our dealer network highly is a testament to the product and the staff who make Transit ownership experience the best."

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    ford transit

    i bought a new transit autosleeper and the back axel/diff broke after 3 days and i was not the only one. The part was not available for over 4 months because there was not a replacement in the uk. maybe the reason was that a batch were sent out of the factory with no oil in the diff so much for ford reliability

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