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May 3, 2016
Ayrshire, UK
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Swift Kon-Tiki
These are just some of the horses that I have been lucky enough to be owned by...…….

This is Rosco, not my first, but my first riding horse. He was difficult because of the way he had been treated, well he was abused because they couldn't break his spirit. He & I reached a compromise in how some things were done and we got along fine. He was wired to a mars bar, but I NEVER ever fell off him.

This next one is me with 4 of the 8 I had at the time....clock-wise from the top right is Cracker (THE 1st) I learned to carriage drive with him, he was the sweetest pony in the world. Then Pip, she was my best show pony, a little stunner with attitude. The coloured bum was Lolls, I had her from a foal & backed her, but sadly she didn't make the height. The last is Sebastian, Kaja's son, he was an accident and I sold him on to a wonderful home where is still is & he's now 18 years old.

Kaja....difficult due to neglect & abuse, but I loved & trusted her. I rode her when she was dangerous to carriage drive & later carriage drove her after I had to give up riding.....I was honoured to have her in my life for 22yrs.
IMG_0729 (2).JPG

The following are Kaja's son, Seb…...

The next one is Milly, a Shire X TB......another one I backed, but had to sell because of having to give up riding.

The last two are of Mo, I drove him & another coloured cob commercially, you can see how big he was with my 6'5" brother stood at his head...…& yes that is me sat in the driving seat.

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