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    I noticed some mice had eaen some of carol's seeds in her shed, so i bought four traps and some poison. I put two traps in her shed, two in the big shed, and thought it may be prudent to stick some under the motorhome. I placed four small trays, (as instructed) on enear each wheel. the deal is, you keep doing it until bait stops being taken.

    Now, teh day after i did all this, i went to carols shed, traps still untouched, the big shed...two dead mice, ...under the MH......all trays empty:Eeek:
    I repeated the ececise, the net day...same results.......carols shed,...nothing, the big shed and the MH,.....either dead meeces or no poison left:Eeek:

    I have a bit of a problem, where I dont like really killing mice, BUT, if its a case of that, or a couple of grand bill for repairs to the MH we have just spent £23000 on...they are gonna bloody die! I would rather, have a different method than poison and traps, especially as i live more or less on a farm, and the MH is parked next to a winter woodpile, so not a lot of chance of eradicating creatures who have every right to be there. I read a post about electronic devices, and the post did'nt fill me with confidence, (i,d rather scare them away than kill them) but thought that maybe i could use one AND poison, to give them a chance sor tof thing.............anyone got any advice, or PROPER product reports?
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    Like you I really dislike killing things.. anything. Be it Mice or even cats ( and I am NOT a cat person I can tell you LOL !! ), but sadly there really is only one sure way to get rid of mice, and that is poison


    It may be the case your van happens to be on the run line to and from somewhere quite harmless ( to you )

    I wonder if it might be better to place the poison on the top of the wheels rather than on the floor ?
    I mean, if mice get in a shed they are a mild nuisance but hey, mice were around before we were and it is nice to give a little sometimes.. quite obviously though you DO want to protect your motorhome.
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    Are they going for the seed and you are just in their run as previously said, Can you move the seed and or put it a sealed container to stop them getting to it.
    I have had a problem in my garden as we back onto a field with a barn and horses but my visitors were meeces big brothers and I had a bag of sand that I emptied into the hole that had been dug by them and since then no sign of them and I do not know why.

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    cowdenbeth fife
    park the van sum where els or move the wood pile
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    one of the dogs got its first rat this afternoon/evening, i think we might be in for a bad winter cos they dont usually come to the house area unless it is. We are surrounded by fields and a brook and couple of ponds near by and usually will see rats if weather is bad or the brook/ponds are flooded or frozen

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