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Does anyone have a Livingstone M/H ? We are having trouble getting what we want from our hirer, we have been given the option of a Livingstone but we have yet to see one, and would be glad to hear from an owner/hirer with comments re comfort, convenience etc. Thanks.


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This is all I can find, I think it is a van converion made for the hire market
Hope it helps

Roller Team Livingstone
The Roller Team Livingstone is the compact van that offers a wide range of solutions as far as layouts and standard fittings are concerned. This is the ideal vehicle for lovers of down-to-earth camping, who want to travel freely and reach the most diverse destinations. Offered in 3 different models, two lengths and two versions (Premium and Prestige), it is available on FIAT 2.2 MJ, 2.3 MJ and 3.0 MJ mechanical units. The furniture has been designed to offer more depth for storage. The “Open Garage System” used to lift the bed allows for the creation of a large open space in the corridor for passing and moving around. The truly wide choice for the four body colours, which this year also include the new “arctic-blue”, will manage to satisfy the most exacting demands.
All the highlighted words read Small too me


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