LED strip mood lights - wiring questions

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    hi all,
    Bare with me, it's a long winded one!
    I'm looking at installing some LED strip mood lighting above the overhead cupboards.
    I've got a set of cupboards front left and front right walls and then a set at the rear left, centre rear and right walls.
    I would therefore have three sets of supply connections - one for the front left, one for the front right and one for the rear lot (as I'm connecting rear left, centre rear and rear right by right angle connectors at the 90degree corners).
    I'm looking at using a 3 into 1 connector from these to connect to the RGB controller.
    The power supply side of the RGB controller box is a male fitting.
    I've got a female connector to fit this and it has two wires at the other end of it - one red/live supply and one black/negative supply.

    (Hope your glass eye hasn't gone to sleep!)

    So, my questions are:

    What size wire should I use to connect to this power in supply (to connect to the red/black with female connector into the RGB controller?

    Do I need to wire in a fuse?

    Do I connect directly to leisure battery pos/neg terminals?

    Do I need any other part?

    I've currently got the LED light strip reel, connectors, right angle connectors, RGB controller and power supply in wire, and remote controller.
    The LEDs are 5050 SMD 10mm RGB/multi colour and are 12v as is the controller which has a max output of 6A.

    Any helpful advice that a simpleton like me can understand would be most welcome.
  2. Mattyjwr

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    Aug 18, 2013
    I would have 3 separate controllers so that you can control the lighting even more (eg turn off the lights over one set of cupboards, change light levels & colours over the others), particularly as 5050 are brighter than other LED lights and you may not be able to dim them as much as you might like. Sorry that I can't help with the other questions although I have used different controllers wired into cig. lighter sockets
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    Wire into the existing lighting supply which is already fused. You can use wire the same thickness as used on the LED controller but it's probably more convenient to use wire similar to that used on the existing lighting circuit.
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