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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by slobadoberbob, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I have for many years used Comma LM grease.. the bog standard stuff that comes in a can or a tube you put in the greasing gun. This past week I came across Red grease or EP2..

    The story so far.......... I decided to install a roller ball to the bottom of my Reece tow bar on my Winnebago .. the roller ball will lift the back of the RV before it grounds.. As I tow a 20' 2,000kgs (max weight) Brian James trailer I wanted to be sure I had a certain amount of lift before grounding and doing the jockey wheel in on the trailer. Yanks or RV's often have roller balls fitted to the chassis to lift it in case of grounding like going on to a ship... My RV has rubber lights handing down for the fog and reverse and will tilt if the hit the ground and no damage as they are made of rubber.. But the trailer and jockey wheel is another thing.

    I have air suspension fitted on the rear (I installed airlift air bags..shipped them in myself and had them fitted by a commercial garage)... so I can lift the rear a bit.. but what has that to do with grease I hear you ask.

    The roller ball has Zeck fitting for the nozzle to pump grease in to a kind of bearing.. Had to get a special fitting..much like an air gun cone nozzle to fit a grease gun... But instead of the normal LM grease it now has Red grease.. this is more waterproof and is used on boats, tractors etc., A fellow member ..Bill (Landy Lover) did the welding for me and put grease in to suit the application..

    Today I collected a tube of the grease from the local motor factors.. £3.49 (not bad) considering it was imported from the USA.. the tube shows semi tractors, boats and normal tractors..

    So up to this week, with years of doing things on all sorts of vehicle I always thought grease was grease.. no, not any more... there are various types for various jobs... So the red grease even has it's own red grease gun.


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