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It seems I am being missed :Blush: Having had two emails from mhf suggesting that I have been inactive for a while, I thought I must pop down and say hello!!

What with moving from our old house to our new bungalow, health problems and trying to get on top of work at home I must admit I have been "inactive" also we sold our Hymer in January and have not got a replacement vehicle due to several factors.

We have been looking at motorhomes but nothing is available that can give us the layout we require in the length and price bracket that we desire.

We have been talking to dealers and are waiting to hear about impending models that could prove satisfactory.

If I had realised the problems we would have in purchasing another vehicle we would not have sold our old Hymer as it was most suitable for our needs.

We are intending attending Peterborough to have a look at some vehicles but don't know if we are actually going to go ahead with a new purchase or not, maybe a used model, or I know Chris may prefer to not bother as she prefers to travel abroad to exotic places, even though I try to convince her there are plenty of exotic places over here, York, Lincoln, Peterborough, Brandy Wharf etc.

I have been looking on ebay and fancied buying an old camper for the time being just to get out on some travels again, but I don't think we have the time at the moment as we are embroiled with work in the bungalow, not to mention any spare cash.

No matter what, we will not be buying a motorhome from Brownhills due to a mutual agreement!


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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi Peter glad you popped in,Hope you are both well
The model your looking for is called a Tardis, and as far as I know Dr Who has the only one in production.looking at the state Brownhills is in, they need you more than you need them:ROFLMAO:


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Hello Peter,

Glad to see you visiting again - and if you do head to Peterborough make sure you pop in and say hello ::bigsmile:

Bryan & Suzy

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