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    G`day all,well it`s been a while since i put fingers to the keys,but the time is drawing near
    to my departure date,2nd week in March in fact,to when i depart NZ shores,and enter the world of fulltiming in your neck of the woods.Having been a member since last July,i must confess,that although i have not posted,i have been busy reading,watching,and taking notes of interesting topics that are always cropping up,in this very friendly,informative site.
    Although i go by the seudonym restless kiwi,that isn`t quite true.Time for another confession.I have been living in Godzown since i was 11 years old,i`m now hmmmmphity you could say i qualify to use the term kiwi,and yes i find it very difficult to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground,hence the restless bit.
    Battling with my consh.. contion...Unable to make my mind up,as to sell up completely,or rent my house out,i finally chose the later,so property manager sorted,and renovations almost complete,i await my tennents to kick me out of my home,hopefully for quite a long spell.
    Arriving in the UK in march,is going to be a bit of a shock to the system,currently basking in very warm temps at the moment here,so i suppose mittens are the order of the day ,in your part of the planet!
    having rellies there,priceless!!!so i have a base to stay till i get sorted with a suitable vehicle that i feel comfortable in.armed with a laptop,i will then converse more with,what seems to be a great bunch of people.So watch this space,take care y`all.
    regards brian,aka restless kiwi.:thumb:
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    sw wales
    Good luck with your wonderful exciting venture. :thumb: :Smile:
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    S/W Wales
    What a fab adventure. I wish you well and am sure you will have a great time despite the cold, wet days!!
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    South yorks
    Hi & welcome :thumb: Have a great time &
    wrap up warm :Rofl1:
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    Are you mad ?

    Everyone here wants to visit NZ !

    Oh well, you'll find out the hard way.
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    Ilfracombe, Devon
    Hi Brian, don't forget we have a chatroom, look me up am always in there. Enjoy your trip, it will soon warm up, we hope. Plenty of Motorhomes for sale, check out eBay for prices. Do let us know if we can be of help. Have you sorted out the insurance problem?
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    NZ promotion for brian and co.

    So you think i`m mad,do you Brian? maybe ,but i`d rather do this,[ for want of a better word,]entrepid journey,while i`ve got the motivation driving me on.Can`t just stay in one place,and being a person who likes to experience different cultures,need to set my sights further.
    The UK and Europe fascinate me,just the history blows me away,not to mention the scenery.
    Now,we all know NZ has great scenery,lots of rivers,mountains,earthquakes,farms,bush,and beaches,whether it be beaches suitable for tots,or ones for the fearless, surfers,and swimmers who in my opinion must have a deathwish:Eek!:all within an hour of where i live.
    Did i say earthquakes?? sorry that was a froidulent slip,yeah NZ gets a few ,but mostly small.I`ve only had my house sway from side to side twice,in the 25 years i`ve lived in this area.Most shakes are down south further,so we dont feel them here in Auckland very much.
    NZ IS great,i highly recommend it !and the way our dollar is,in comparison with the B.pound,you`ve got it made !A bugger going the other way though. If things don`t work out in the northern hemisphere,i`ll just come back!albeit with some fascinating stories and experiences,to share with family and friends.
    Any tips or advice in setting up,would be most welcome.
    regards, brian,aka rk.:thumb:
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