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    Right, not a grey water thread. The last one is still dribbling I think. Over the winter I like to drain down between trips but I'm usually away at least every three weeks. One method I have been told about and admit I have used it is when I leave my last site/location I switch off the pump, open the cold and hot tank drain valves then open the taps to the mid position to allow the air in. With the driving and the cornering etc it seems to empty pretty well(as I was told it would).
    Now the questions are if I open the drains before leaving site I could be confused for draining down my grey waste and the same as I drive along. If I open them on the pitch prior to leaving the same could apply. If I drive over the MH waste disposal area I would need to reposition a few times and spend about half an hour there and once I drive off there would still be some water to come out. If I wait til offsite, pull over and open them again I could be thought of as dumping grey but also if cold and frosty it could turn to ice, which would not be a good thing.

    How do you get rid of your fresh water during the winter?

    (oh I do believe that if I have a tank there I'll use it and not spend several trips to fill bottles with water, and boil a kettle to get hot water)


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    I have my van on the drive. I connect a pipe to the fresh water drain and position it in the gutter, open the valve and water drains away. I have also parked over a drain and emptied out, but easiest, if you are not going to use water till you get home, is to empty at the proper drain point on site. Once you have done it a few times you generally have the knack of parking in the correct place, same as the grey waste tank

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