Isle of SKye.

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    Seeing as the borders meet seems to have gone by the by we are going to the Isle of Skye. We are going to be arriving Easter weekend. There is three of us going at present and we intend to stay for about 6-7 days from the easter Saturday. We hope to be staying here Nearby Kinloch Campsite, a beautiful campsite by the side of Loch Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye

    I know it's a long way but if anyone fancys joing us for some true Scottish whiskey and some great scenery and walking feel free. We dont bite:Angry:

    Alternately if anyone has any info on what Skye is like I would like to hear from you . I would also like to know of any decent wild camping spots between Glasgow and Fort William.
    If of course you are going to Newark you could always just take an extra week and a half and go from there to Skye with us. Come on what you got to lose. You own it so use it:thumb:
    Nice to see you all.
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    south staffs
    spent a week in skye two years ago. beautiful. hope the weather is good for you! the distillery is a "must visit". i recommend the whisky aged in port barrels. fabulous. so good i can't remember the name!


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