Is this the Norm ?

May 17, 2015
South Yorkshire
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As we are not allowed to park Motorhomes / Caravans on our estate I have been forced to book a storage facility.
The site I have booked a plot on is a CaSSOA Gold standard one with full security measures.
Part of the conditions are that no Gas storage is allowed, which I take it means that every time I check the Motorhome in / out, I have to remove / refit the Calor bottles.
I can see the safety side of this from their perspective, but it is going to be a real pain in the backside if this is so ! It will also mean that I will have to store the gas bottles at home, which I'm not sure I am allowed to do.
Finding a local storage site was not easy, so did not have much choice.
I was thinking of having refillable bottles fitted to the motorhome, but what with finding local filling stations that supply gas ever more a problem, and if I have to carry out this procedure every time I use the motorhome, it sort of defeats the object. Also I did not want to be lifting heavy gas bottles every time.
(Although I realise the Gas will be much cheaper).

Is this the norm for storage sites to have this as part of their conditions ? What do other Funsters who use storage sites do ?