Hymer Exsis-i 572 on 2.2 Ford Transit base help needed

Discussion in 'Hymer' started by goneoff, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Aug 19, 2009
    I have recently purchased a 2008 Hymer Exsis-i 572 on a 2.2ltr Ford Transit base vehicle and need help with a few basics from other more experienced Exsis-i owners.

    • 1. Is the roof of the Exsis strong enough to take my weight (16 stone) for cleaning purposes? My previous motorhome was a Rapido 997M which was plenty strong enough to walk around on.

    • 2. I want to add an additional habitation battery to the Exsis. I believe the current single battery is difficult to get to under the passenger seat. Is it possible to fit a second battery alongside it under the seat and if not where is the best place to fit the second battery. Also what battery brand and type would members suggest?

    • 3. The starter battery is under the driver’s seat and again difficult to get at; how do you re-charge it if it is flat?

    • 4. Now an even more basic question I am embarrassed to ask; What MK number Transit will my Exsis-i be on, i.e. MK5/MK6/MK7? I’ve looked everywhere in the manuals I have and just can’t find it.

    • 5. The white plastic shower tray and other plastic parts in the washroom area has been discoloured by uv rays from the sun through the skylight. Is there any way of removing this colouration or do we just have to live with it?
    By the way although we have only have the Hymer a couple of months we are delighted with it but would welcome any hints and tips specific to this Exsis-i range. Many thanks in advance.

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