How to Neaten Fabric Tear Repairs

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    Hi All,

    Some Cooking Fat (spoonerism) has jumped onto our covered garden Table and, in scabbling for a paw hold??? ripped the top of the table cover.

    Not wanting an unsightly repair got the grey matter working.

    This is what I did.

    Take a mug or bowl (one with a vertical edge to it and the thinner lipped the better) of a suitable circumference and, with Duct Tape start to cover the top of the surface horizontally starting with the duct tape covering half in, half out of the bowl. Overlapping the previously placed tape, do it again (and again) until you have completely covered the entrance to the mug or bowl.

    I found that a craft knife was better at cutting the duct tape rather than a pair of scissors.

    Now, go around the outside of the mug or bowl with the craft knife at a vertical angle.

    This will give you a circle of duct tape which surprisingly, well I was surprised, can be removed from the edge of whatever you have used.

    The resulting 'circle' of Duct,Gaffer, Gorilla tape can then be applied to whatever is damaged and you can repeat the exercise for the 'other' side of fabric. The result is a neat looking job.

    Can't give you a photo. Some thieving barsteward nicked my memory card and I can't upload at the mo.
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