Have the idiots seen sense ? ( VKUK update )

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    This from BDM



    There is fresh hope that the threat to the future of motorsport in Europe posed by VNUK may be avoided.

    A draft report from the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) has recommended that vehicles used exclusively for motorsport should be excluded from VNUK, an insurance issue that has been looming over the sport since 2014.

    The draft report from IMCO focuses on the use of vehicles “in traffic”. More specifically, the report proposes that vehicles used exclusively for motorsport should fall outside the Motor Insurance Directive (MID).

    VNUK is a European Court judgment that threatens the future of all EU motorsport. It ruled that EU countries must look again at how they enacted EU motor insurance law in each country; the court’s interpretation would require all motorsport vehicles to have compulsory third party motor insurance.

    The motorsport sector, the Motor Cycle Industry Association and the National Motorcycle Dealers Association have been lobbying at the highest levels on behalf of UK motorsport, in conjunction with other industry stakeholders and the world governing body, the FIA.

    Hugh Chambers, CEO of Motorsport UK, said: “We welcome this latest development, which appears to be heading in the right direction, and will be working with the FIA to ensure a positive outcome. Motorsport UK has been making the case for excluding motorsport from the Motor Insurance Directive since 2014. The VNUK threat has not gone away but the direction of travel is looking more favourable and we will continue to lobby on behalf of all our members and stakeholders.”
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