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Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by The Dude, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Jan 10, 2013
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    We have been having difficulty for some time locking on to the satellite with our Maxview dish - those who were at Bill's meet near Goole will perhaps remember the hours of entertainment we provided shuffling the van back and forth trying to get a signal. Anyway, despite downloading the latest software and realigning the skew, the problem only got worse. Eventually we decided the LNB must be the problem and called Maxview. They immediately said they would replace the LNB (at no charge!) and did not ask how old the van or the sat equipment was, however we had to send the old LNB back to them first. We contacted them on Thursday and sent the old LNB back using next day delivery. They received it on the Friday and by Monday morning we had a brand new LNB delivered. 5 mins later hubby had fitted it and all is now perfick! Well done and thanks Maxview. (y)(y)(y):)
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