Google Maps POIs, how to download for Sat Nav

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    Google Map's POIs, how to download for Sat Nav

    So, you find a Google map with POIs , ever wondered how to download them and use on a Sat Nav. ?

    You have found a map , for example:

    Camp Sites in Africa,9.0608&spn=96.551319,186.152344&z=3

    to download the POIs paste this at the end of the URL:-


    should look like this,186.152344&z=3&output=kml

    press enter and the download should start, save the file.

    The POIs will be in KML format , these can be converted for TT, Garmin, Navman, Autoroute etc. or any other format using a POI converter.

    I use GPS Babel.. but there are others.
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