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Sep 12, 2007
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If you own an RV and can’t live without Internet access, then the RV2Internet iAntenna Wireless modem could be just the thing for you. It is a pretty cool little car accessory an antenna with a weatherproof dome connected to a modem. If you opt for the hotspot detector then you have a complete mobile bandwidth banditry package. The antenna has five times the power of a standard laptop antenna.

While technically this thing is made for RVs, how many geeks own them? I am no mechanic, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t install this on a van or SUV. The dome is big, but not that big and as long as you don’t mind having it on your roof and making the necessary modifications which would probably kill your resale value, installation would seem to be a definite possibility.

Price: For the all-in-one package is a modest $499, not including installation. Considering that you are getting a modem, antenna, dome and hotspot detector for the price, it isn’t bad.


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