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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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Adria Panel Van.
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I wrote HPI a few weeks ago asking if they would give us a discount. They said No Chance. Not giving up, I've just tried the RAC. We'll see what they say.

Hello RAC

I represent MotorhomeFun, we are a UK based club with around 30,000 members.

Recently a small number of our members were stung by a dishonest dealer. The dealer went bust and members subsequently found that the dealer had, unbeknown to them, financed their motorhomes. Some had owned the vehicles for over 2 years only to find out they did not own them at all.

While members get checks done if they are buying privately many have not previously done so when it comes to buying from dealers! After this unfortunate incident, we expect our member to want checks before every purchase no matter where they are buying. This will now become our official advice to members.

I am looking for an organisation that might give our members a discounted check. A small discount and a recommendation from us might considerably increase your checks on motorhomes.

If you are interested in increasing your business in this area and arranging something for our club please do let me know.

Kind regards


Oct 30, 2007
Suffolk/Central Portugal
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We have just bought a caravan to take to Portugal to use as guest accommodation on our land.

It is registered with CRIS and has numbers stamped on the windows. It cost us £15 to do a check to see if it was stolen or had money owing on it.

Is there not an organisation like this for motorhomes, if not one needs to be started. To register as a member even at £50, times 30,000 motorhomes, sure that some would pay £100 for this service. Then £15 for every check made. Nice little earner, perhaps?

We would certainly register our motorhome and sure many others would too.

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