Full timer PERFECT motorhome for sale - LAIKA Kreos 4009 only used 4 nights, toilet not used (reg AUG 2019)

Dec 11, 2018
Funster No
Vw California
20 years
I bought this vehicle with a view to trying full timing (with a bolt hole)... however it was too great a leap from VW California for touring for now so we are hoping to have a stepping stone motorhome in between and shelving the full timing for now...

Save £12,000 and grab a bargain ! it has full alarm, tracker, additional garage rails and USB points.

The interior of this motorhome is like being on a yacht, the fit and finish is incredible ... when I eventually go to coach built I will certainly be buying the same model....

here's the link !

Mar 30, 2016
Funster No
Lovely van, however, regardless of use it is second hand and therefore getting the right price point will dictate speed of sale. Southdown have a new one for sale (not sure what you would expect to negotiate of sticker price) and you can compare specs etc with yours to assess price point
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