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Discussion in 'Auto-Sleepers' started by mistyb, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,
    We have a G Reg Talisman with Vaillant 125/7 water heater. I have read the previous thread and I'm hoping you can be as helpful to us. The worst has happened and we have frost damage to our water heater (please don't shout I'm kicking myself enough already). Water is running out from where I can see the edge of a diaphragm. Could anyone help me with instructions on repair? I can see four screws holding the housing above the diaphragm in place but can't figure out how to remove them (there doesn't seem to be any room to work.) Also is it normally just the diaphragm which needs replacing? I'm not trying to pre empt taking it to a professional, but we can't find any local in Northern Ireland and we have already booked a winter break.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Brian & Denise
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    Hi, you will find the part you need here

    Hope you can get it in time for your trip. Oh and welcome to the fun :thumb:
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    Well done Jim, spot on, your more than a pretty face:Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:

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    Diaphragm - Vaillant heater


    Did you manage to get a diaphragm for your heater? If you did and you've had a go at fitting it, was it easy to fit? I have the same problem on my heater, the water has been drained (by the previous owners I presume) and my local service centre says I need a new boiler because of the diaphragm being damaged, but I am sure if that's the only problem I can just fit a new diaphragm. Did it fix your problem? Many thanks, Debbie.
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    We did one on a friends a few years ago no problem worked perfectly after, so worth a try.

    Best of luck

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    Thank you, will give it a try!:Smile:
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    Diaphragm Repair - Vaillant heater

    I had an Autosleeper Flair in a ford transit it sufferd the same fault nearly every year I tried allways to drain the heater even used air line the first time I bought a new diaphragm after that I took the diaphragm off and rubbed down on fine wet and dry placed on a surface plate as you drew it across the first few strokes you could see the twist in the diaphragm just a drop of water left in the diaphragm housing and the poor wall insulation was enough to freeze and twist the diaphragm.
    If no surface plate use a piece of plate glass if possible but watch the edges


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