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Discussion in 'Hymer' started by louise48, May 1, 2010.

  1. louise48


    Apr 12, 2010
    the fridge doesnt work at home on hook up, but recently took the motorhome to a site and lo and behold the fridge worked on hook up. Our motorhome is parked on a steep drive, does this affect the performance of the fridge? the fridge is a RM275.

    also is the fridge only supposed to work on 12 volts when engine is running? as we had a flat engine battery the day after coming home! :Sad:
  2. gazz

    gazz Formerly "gazznhelz"

    Mar 16, 2010
    Eastwood, Notts
    yes deffo, those fridges need to be pretty level to work, as they use gravity as a big part of the cooling process, the mos modern 3 way fridges have a tollerance of about 4 degrees off level i believe,

    you can actually cause a lot of problems running them seirousely off level, depends on which way it's off level, but one way the boiler tube can run dry and the heat will crystalize the mixture that does get through, this then blocks up the small passages and stops the cooling cycle working next time it is level, the cure is to remove the fridge and turn it upside down for a day, this allows the liquid to reabsorb the crystalized mixture, and clear any airlocks.

    for the 12 volt thing, yes it should only run when the engine is running, but sometimes the relay isnt fitted to allow this to be automatic, so you have to remember to turn the fridge off 12 volts when parked up.

    someone near you will advise of where you can get the relay fitted, if you were close to me i'd do it, as it's simple enough, but i'm sure there's someone near you with the skills to do it, or can advise of a garage to do it.

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