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    Apr 13, 2012
    Hi, I have owned sailing boats in the past and know how important it is to stow things securely. After the door on the dometic fridge in our MH fllew open a few times, bottles and eggs everywhere I decided to sort out a way of locking it. Part of the original catch (plastic) was still in place on the body of the fridge but obviously the catch itself was missing.
    I then looked for a replacement to be shocked at the cost of plastic door catches, anything from £10-£30. It took less than half an hour to find and fit a long bolt and a suitable turnbuckle which is screwed into the thread on the fridge. May not 'look the part' but it is steel, not plastic.

    033.jpg 039.jpg

    I then looked at the shelves in the fridge itself. Dometic use flimsy little plastic clips (£5+ each !!) to hold a retaining rail in place, one set had already given up and it just looked like poor engineering.
    Solution (for me) was easy, I had a length of 40mm x 50mm plastic angle (cheap - used for cladding buildings), cut 3 pieces to length cutting a slot at each end - distance between slots so that the plastic could be fitted tight enough to not fall out.
    032.jpg 036.jpg 037.jpg

    Inserted as shown and pulled forward to front of shelf - solid !
    Time taken 20 minutes - cost - less than one of the catches - and stronger!
    Hope someone finds this useful
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    Nov 27, 2011
    the simplest solutions are often the best. will use the plastic angle tip on my fridge when I get 5 minutes:thumb:

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