Five best VW Campervans

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Jim, Sep 7, 2008.

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    I have never been to vanfest but I am a fan of this motorhome so i would like to go one of these years. Vanfest is Europe's largest gathering of Volkswagen vans, which takes place at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern from 12 to 14 September. The winning Volkswagen vans below have been chosen for the 'Five generations of Campervan' display at Vanfest. My favourite is the old split screen, it just oozes fun

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    Had one of the post-splitty type when we lived in the good ole USA in the early 1970's - went out in it every weekend to State Parks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia the in the Summer vacations toured Eastern Coastal areas and Blue Ridge Parkway, Upper New York State (Niagra and Catskills) and finally drove 2,000 miles to Denver to tour Rocky Mountains, Brice and Zion National Parks and Mesa Verde.

    Unfortunately the engine blew up due to sucking a valve through into the piston because of the rarified atmosphere. managed to get a repair done in four days and returned safely. Ah memories :Smile:

    The second photo would not in my opinion be a genuine VW camper but a conversion as the one we had was VW's own produced by Westfalia with a tilting 'pop-top'.

    Still can't remember how we managed in the thing - just a cold box, and sink with a footpump don't remember anything for cooking or did it? Senility or dementia is definitely creeping on. :Sad:

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    good vans but you need mec no how to keep them going we have a t25 same as the 3rd pic and still have a splitty my dads he had it from nearly 6 months old never been welded right hand drive one was a van my da done the conversion on it have a look at a site called club 80-90 good site about t25 we still dont want to part with ours but run a winne c class which we prefer now more room etc not much newer but better to live in with out setting up awaning and all that just hope our winnie is still going strong at the same age as the vw:thumb:

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