Firmware update for pioneer avi c models (1 Viewer)

dave newell

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Oct 31, 2008
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I have a pioneer avic f980 CAB C in our camper, it had recently started misbehaving with the screen blacking out shortly after bootup. I searched pioneers webshite and found a firmware update available for it. Deciding to give this a try to cure the blackouts i downloaded it, followed the instructions very carefully but after a minute or so of the update starting it came up with "update failed" message. Tried everything to reset it but to no avail and no matter what I tried it was just stuck in the update routine which repeatedly failed. Pioneer said send it to one of their agents for repair. So it's been stuck in "update mode" for weeks.

This weekend I found on YouTube a short video from an American guy detailing exactly the same issue with another avic model and the cure is simply to use a cheap non branded memory stick to do the update from. I tried it today using a cheap unbranded micro sd card in a USB adapter and it worked first time. The American chap reckons that big name memory sticks have a hidden trash folder that corrupts the update process.

So if anyone has a pioneer avic model and wants to update the firmware be sure to use a cheap memory card or USB stick.



Jun 11, 2014
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I had similar on a Pioneer Blu ray player. The update messed up the player's ability to read a cd. Guess what? The player can only update from a CD, which no longer works. All recent movies require the update in order to play. £600 player, £400 to repair. Brand new, better, player £200. Built in obsolescence. I won't buy another Pioneer.
Jeepers, I don't believe how many guesses it took me to spell obsolescence.:xgrin:

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