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    Jan 11, 2010
    Just got back from a 3 week tour of Cornwall and Somerset, spent the last 3 nights at the Caravan Club site in Dulverton, Exmoor House.

    Ended up getting into a conversation with 4 other Autotrail owners, 2 of the motorhomes only a few weeks old all with faults, one had 33 faults despite only being owned for 2 weeks.
    A couple of ladies had bought a new Savannah back in March and were having lots of trouble trying to get the fault rectified by a well known dealer from Halifax.

    The chap parked up between 2 of these delights of British industry owned an Adria, bought it 3 yrs ago from Premier Motorhomes in Chichester, it was 3 yrs old when he bought it.
    Last summer he noticed the outer panel above the cab was distorted, closer inspection during it`s habitation check revealed water had managed to find it`s way inside the panels.
    By chance the rep from Adria just happen to pay a visit and asked why the Adria was in the workshop, he was informed about the water ingress, on hearing this he asked Premier to send him photos of the damage and a written report.
    This resulted in Adria taking the motorhome back to Slovenia for repairs.
    When it was returned 9 weeks later Premier phoned the chap to say all was well and it was ready to be picked up, on arriving at Premier he found out that Adria had fitted a complete new side to his motorhome.
    All this done at Adria`s cost, so well done Premier for their assistance, a very big well done to Adria for such excellent customer service.

    If we decide to change our Autotrail we will certainly be looking at the Adria range.

    Oh we were told by one of the Autotrail owners that Autotrail had a appointed a mananger of Quality Control,taking his new role seriously he had authorised the call back of quite a few motorhomes for repair at the factory.

    Apparently he didn`t last long in the position, perhaps somebody might know if this is true or not.
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