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  1. bobski

    bobski Funster

    Jan 30, 2012
    Hi all, i need to sort out my recovery for the next year, RAC arrival have come in at £320 for my renewal but Driver Guardian are cheaper with 90 day at one trip EU cover and 120 days in total. There are no weight restrictions and covers up to 12m in length. Has anyone actually used this company for a breakdown and if so what was their response especially abroad. Ive seen some reviews and they are all complimentary and 5 stars, seems a bit too good to be true. Also any suggestions as to a provider would be appreciated.
  2. Bigjohneaton

    Bigjohneaton Funster

    Mar 15, 2018
    Hi just came back from 6 weeks in France Spain and Portugal am in Rac arrival altenator went in France on my Maclouis fiat motorhome had nothing but probems when I contacted them said it would take 5 days to get a altenator as French garages do not carrie spares so as I had solar pannels and had run a wire from leisure batteries to vehicle battery could they source a altenator for me. To which they said they would and give me a calll when they had. 3days later had heard nothing so gave them another bel from Ile D oleron and they told me that they had booked me into a Garrage 2 days ago so akied if they had told me and they said sorry So I asked if they could find somone who could fix the next day.They phoned me in the morning and said they had booked me into a boat repair garage at the end of the Island asked if they had an altenator and was told that they could get 1 that day so took it there and was told Suprise suprise that altenator was not working so they orderd 1 and fitted at 1800 hrs and charged me £802 on my Santander credit card (good exchange rate) next day RAC contacted me and said they would send me a form to claim back £150 of the labour Have tried ringing them loads of times since return but can not find email and the only way to complain to Rac is by letter or email so definatly would not RECOMEND RAC ARRIVAL
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  3. Spriddler

    Spriddler Funster

    Dec 24, 2014
    Hurstpierpoint. West Sussex
    o_O £802 sounds very expensive, but I do most of my own repairs so maybe it's not so dear.
    Mind you, whilst owning my 27 foot yacht for 20 years I found marine engineering and chandlery businesses expensive even for 'run of the mill' standard parts/jobs.
  4. boxerdog

    boxerdog Funster

    May 28, 2016
    stoke on trent
    we are with driver guardian broke down in france this year we found them brilliant kept in touch all the time and sorted by local mechanic i can only recomend by myself......................Ian

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