Domain hosting help from you techies please

Jul 5, 2013
Tunbridge Wells
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Hi, I have a domain using my name Got it from my ISP many years ago and they look after it for me. I do not have an active website on there and only use it for emails. So anything@"the domain name" gets forwarded to me by my ISP. In reality I only ever use one email address, i.e. myinitials@mydomainname.

For various reasons my ISP may not be willing to host this in the future and I am looking for a cheap and cheerful hosting service just to use to for email. Can anybody recommend a reliable one please that will also take care of renewals of the domain name.
Nov 11, 2019
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2 years
Most decent domain name registrars will offer a free email forwarding service. They also offer free URL forwarding, so you can use free webspace from suppliers like Google. I don't use this, as paid hosting is freely available for about $12 per year.

I would suggest that you register your domain name with one of the major registrars, and you use a different organisation for the hosting. So many people have been held to ransom, or lost their domain names when they tried to change hosting, that I think it pays to keep the two services apart.

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