do you trust your dealer for hab check

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  1. slimbob


    Jan 24, 2012
    after 4 hab services at what I thought was a very good dealer may not of been that good after all last year I had a hab test done but the next day I was looking around some stuff on my m/home and found a lot of damp when I looked at his paper work for the damp test it showed only 10% but the damp was so bad the wall had gone .
    he did repair this bit .
    so this year I took it to another dealer who has found a lot of damp and has said this has been in it a long time .
    so how good was the past had checks .
    I feel very let down by this dealer who I had trusted .
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    Jul 2, 2008
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    Consider this...

    Dealer sells you a brand new van, as the retailer he is responsible for the first 12 months. You go back a 12 months later for a hab check, their legal commitment is over, any issues and its a claim to the van manufacturer or third party warranty company to resolve any issues.
    It has been stated a few times that dealers get paid a lot less for labour rates off manufacturers then they can charge for non warranty jobs... So I think you stand a 50/50 chance of them really wanting to get you sorted.. If you buy a new van, as many do, in line with the new registrations. My thinking is that this makes the issue worse as your turning up for a hab check and maybe looking to get issues resolved at their peak time..

    So is there any point in a dealer hab check ?
    May as well get an independant one done (NCC approved)..

    Thats my 2p worth....
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