Diesel filter...the good news and the bad

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    Arrived last week at the CC club site at Black Knowl in the New Forest.

    50 yds before I parked up my diesel fuel filter fractured/split/failed and dumped a load of fresh diesel along their service road and on the grass standing. Wardens were great gave us a big tray for the drips and cleared up the smelly deisel as well as they could The AA turned up in 20 minutes...amazing.........tried a repair but eventually ordered , obtained and fitted a new filter 48 hours later. Full marks as they had to go to Bournmouth for the part.

    The AA and another expert on the site said this was probably caused by poor fitting of the filter at its last service as special tools are needed to torque the lid to specified levels ...failure to do this will result in leaking/failure. So just as well the AA attempt failed..and a new one was fitted.

    This was on my 2009 Fiat 3 litre 250x...but other engines may use the same filter?

    So well done the site wardens couldnt have been more helpful and well done the AA for a superb service.

    If this had happened on the motorway or in the middle of France it might not have been so easy. The Filter is over £200 pounds so its worth being aware of the need to fit it right.

    I was hoping they might not be able to source another one till halfway through October........I could have done with another couple of weeks there...lovely site.

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