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Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by N Luyetund, Apr 8, 2008.

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    No 2 son bought me a sticky inny TV thing for the laptop, the TV is now one less item to cart around for occasional use.

    Works fine with the dish from the suitcase sat together with the sky box... no need for the 70cm sky dish either! (we're not bothered about not getting a signal in the South of France 'cos we're taking plenty of books too:winky:).

    Connections are simple, just a length of ordinary co-ax, I know the pic would be better with composite video connections but we don't need any more spaghetti to lose:Cool: Another plus is that I can have the laptop next to the dish when tuning in... no more frustrated gesticulations twixt me and satnex2 through the window:ROFLMAO:

    There's an added bonus with the laptop, don't need to cart around the DVD player or loads of C/DVD's

    and it all fits into an old laptop case (excluding the sky box and camera tripod:winky:)

    Edit: forgot to mention that it works fine with Vista!!
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