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Oct 8, 2014
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I'm a newbie and always will be. You never know it all.
Called in at the dealer I bought my MH from on the way back from my 5 month tour in Europe, need some warranty work doing.
I asked him about the fitting of a cycle rack as we have found that there are occasions when sites are too far away from towns etc for walking.
The mh is a Swift Bolearo 712 SB with the end bathroom.
The dealer came out looked at the van and said
"Going to be very expensive, we'll have to take out the shower and probably more"
Me "But I thought the swift had mounting points built in"
Dealer "let's have a look" glances at the back of the van " no, there's no mounting points on this, just a minute, I'll get my boss"
Boss looks inside the van and says " will have to remove the vanity mirror as well which will break so that will have to be added to the cost as well"
Me " don't bother with the quote by the sounds of things it will be cheaper to fit a towbar"
Dealer "oh yeh, it will but we don't fit them"
Everything I have read gives the impression that the van has some sort of strengthening built in during manufacture can anyone shed any light on the matter?


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