CBE Battery Charger CB522 (1 Viewer)

Apr 17, 2016
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
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Carthago Chic E Line
Since March 2004
Does anyone know if these chargers have been any problem?
It is the one that charges Lead acid and Gel. It does not have a Lithium setting.
It is fitted in our Carthago Chic E Line. First registered January 2021.
It seems to have decided not to work. The on/off button does not stop in when pressed. The dealer advised it may be the push switch fouling on the outer casing, so they suggested remove the case and then try but alas still does not function.
Apparently the price of a new one is "North of £500". (God knows how they arrive at that!!) Although the dealer is contacting Carthago to se if they will accept it as warranty, technically it is out of warranty.
My question is if it is not covered by warranty do I have it repaired by someone like Apuljack or do I buy a new one from another source (not Carthago)? If that is the route to go which company would be the best for new supply?
May 7, 2016
West Sussex
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Malibu Van 640 LE K
Since 2003
You can get the 16A model for £130 which which would save you over £370. I never use the switch on my CBE charger so have no idea if this fault is common.
I would first look to see if the faulty internal switch could be bypassed and perhaps replaced by an external one. However I hope your dealer can get something out of Carthago or CBE.

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