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Nov 7, 2009
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Phew Just got off the phone From carefree holidays who are cc&c club booking our return trip from Santander.
After a marathon phone call she put phone down., I didn't, I heard her say'phew what what a nightmare '
To cut a long story short they wanted all monies up front for our whole trip. I had paid for outward trip with a deposit for a return trip in April.
BF only wanted full payment after £35 deposit 12 Feb 2015.
I didn't agree that they should have all my money for 7 months before we made the return trip.
I will never again go through them. The first lady at the 'call centre' was pretty bolshie and wouldn't listen to a word I wanted to say, only reiterating their policy with aggressive tones.
Sep 26, 2013
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From yesterday they have started to take bookings for the winter rallies so I know that they will all be stressed out a bit. Many people including ourselves this year only book one way especially if you book through Carefree because as you say they make you pay up front. If you were not booking any sites I would have gone direct with Brittany Ferries despite Carefree, according to them, saving you 7% on the price.
Unfortunately and despite many complaints if you only book the winter sites they will charge you an extra £75 if you do not book a ferry with them as well. This is why many people are booking one way to avoid being charged the £75.

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