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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Flyingscotsman2, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Morning has anybody been to sorrentto in the mh. Is there a campsite near by. Cheers guys. :Smile:
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    Yes, there is one just up the road from the main piazza. Half a mile i guess. Easy walking distance but it's all uphill on the way back. Good facilities and when I stayed there, coaches were coming in and out so I guess there were tours leaving from there.
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    There are two showing just to the west on the ACSI disc (not in the book as they do not offer the discount) .

    I did stay on one a few years back but not sure which one.
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    Site in Sorrento

    We stayed in a great site 2 mins away from the town and directly above the pretty old harbour.
    The campsite was Nube D'argento.It had a fabulous view over the bay to Mount Vesuvius and the restaurant food was good.
    It was quick to walk to the station to get to Erculaneum and to the harbour to get to Capri.

    The pool had no shallow end if you have kids -it was shoulder height if I remember.
    As the others said it is in an old orchard and if any of the branches touch your MH you will be visited by ants. We bought powder at the Conad supermarket 2 mins away and put it all over our wheels and we were ok. Others were not so lucky.

    The entrance is on a busy road and it is a dog leg turn to get in. Our A class needed a 2 point turn to get round the tight corners to reception. We left at 6am Sunday morning to avoid the thousands of scooters.
    A good site with loads of things to see and do. You can see it on google map.
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    I can second all of acdcdave's comments above - Nube d'Argento is a good site, (went there last autumn) convenient for most things (including a small supermarket a short walk away) but has tight MH access. If you can't get in straight away from the town centre direction don't panic - keep driving and after a short while you'll come to a fork in the road where it widens out enough to do a 180 degree turn, then you can head back to the site entrance and drive straight in. You may need to use it on the way out too.

    The last bit of the drive from the Autostrade at Naples to Sorrento is quite testing, especially at rush hour. Italian drivers will push their luck to the last millimetre when the roads get busy and the bloody scooters will go everywhere they can so be prepared for a bit of a white knuckle ride. It's all worth it though, and you can laugh when it's over.

    I would advise against trying to drive along the Amalfi coast road beyond Sorrento in a MH. If you want to see places like Positano and Amalfi, leave your MH on the campsite, get a bus in and a ferry back out. That way you can start at the top of the town(s), walk downhill and not have to walk all the way back uphill to the bus stop. Buses can be caught near the railway station in Sorrento. For Pompeii and Herculaneum (Ercolano Scavi) just get the train. The 'Scavi' bit means 'excavation' - make sure you get off there as there's two Ercolano train stops and the area is frankly a bit of a dump.

    Don't miss out on the old harbour area of Sorrento just below the campsite - a lot quieter than the main part of the town and some good eateries down there. If you go to Capri definitely take a boat to the Grotto Azzuro - unique.
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    Not Sorrento, but between Florence and Rome, just off the A1 motorway is a small town called Orvieto - it is lovely - a great day out.

    The sosta is at the bottom of town and you get a funicular to the centre. You can buy a visitor pass for about 15 euro that allows you entry to various places, underground city, underground wishing well etc etc - it's a lovely day out and a good overnight stop. There are train lines near, but they never bothered us.

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