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    Plans for early next year decided on last Monday,Portugal and Spain from mid January, phoned the C CC travel service asked for and paid £10 for winter sun guide, refundable when we book. OK so far, next day Tuesday we decide on ferry dates phone them again and book ferries. Discuss with our travelling companions who order the winter sun guide pay for it and book their ferry crossings. Roll on 8 days still no Winter Sun guide! Phone them up and ask why only to be told well you haven't booked any rallies when you do it would be sent out. Suprising myself with my calmness I pointed out The guide is needed to enable us to book in first place or am I missing something! apologies from girl on phone who promises to send guide out first class. Our friends have not received their guide, the girl would not accept my request to send their guide stating friend had to phone themselves quoting their personal booking ref. What a bl**dy shambolic way to run a business. They took the money on the day I requested the guide so effectively it is now owned by me so why hold onto it?

    Before anyone tells me to do my own thing we do but really enjoy rallying.

    Rant over.
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