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    Sep 6, 2014
    My Transit was not used very much by the previous owners who only went to France for a fortnight per year. I have done a load more miles in the last year but when I got it I noticed the front disc were badly pitted but still worked OK and passed the MOT, I thought I would soon wear off the pits but I didn't use thebrakes a lot so the pits were there still. I bought new discs at £15 each along with a pad set, with the intention of replacing them when I had a couple of hours.
    However I was going to Stafford show when I got a puncture on one of the rear twin tyres, so was forced to fit the spare wheel. Soon afterwards I started to experience brake judder that got worse on the way home, I put it down to an emergency braking session when a car lost it in front of me on the A5, and I thought the discs has gone into the pitted area, causing uneven faces on the disc.
    I then fitted the two news disc sets and took it for a test run only yo find it was as bad as before, but then it could be brought on by using the handbrake.
    'AHA' I sez, and wondered what had happened to them, and it was only the wheel change that had happened. So today I jacked her up again and removed the pair of wheels and checked by rotating the drum by hand and could find no evenness , So I bolted the wheels back on without using the handbrake this time. It has gone now and all is smooth with no judder at all. The peculiar thing is that the drum is very secure on the hubs with no slop at all, but I think the handbrake being on at the first change must have held the drum in a cockeyed position whilst I put it back together. It was parked on a slight slope so I was not going to release the hand brake and have it roll off the jack. If you get the similar thing on your van it might be worth loosening the nuts a bit and rolling forwards and doing them up again, without the handbrake on..
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